Two hours later, I went to the Vitsoe Showroom near Bond Street, a few blocks down you could also find the Inventory Store. I have been following the magazine since a while now so it was a pleasant surprise to see their expansion into a full beautiful store. Unfortunately I couldn't take any pictures of it however, the store design seemed to be effortless, straightforward and minimalist. A few good brands like South 8 West 2, Margaret Howell, were available alongside the Engineering Garments pieces. You could also get the latest volume from some of the best fashion & lifestyle magazines about & like Grind & Popeye next to other objects & goods.

However, the best surprise of the day was the splendid Nepenthes store located between the 9th & 8th avenue. I had a lot of expectation since there is only one retail store in US and it is really hard to buy the gears in Europe. The space is quite impressive within his two floors, a large selection of garments, accessories, shoes from brands such as Engineering Garments, Nepco, Needless, South2 West8, NSW, BOSTON LEATHER CO. BELTS, Trickers and a few more... The first floor is fully loaded with jackets, pants, headwear whereas the second floor is where you can get some extras a few bags and shoes were put on display.. They also curate exhibition, from designers, artists, makers and give them the space to show their creation (that is where I first stumble on the work of Tamaki Niime go to THE PLACES in the index to find more about her)



The day after, I didn't planned shit. Matter of fact, the weather great this morning. I woke up late as usual, decided to do things slowly. It doesn't really matter because I really like when it's raining, when the whole atmosphere is falling apart, colors are changing. There is this small window in the room so, I put the curtain behind the chair and from there I just began to contemplate the rain falling down with rhythm
to Bill Evans’s record “You must believe in Spring”. 


It's not like I have done plently stores all week but I was just curious enough to see what was really interesting to me as I've been following some for example the Brooklyn Circus store in Brooklyn. I think the pictures speaks for themselves here. I just grabbed two pairs of PF FLYERS and headed to Manhattan to visit the Real MCCoys & Blue in Greene store in Soho. If you are a fan of Japanese denim and quality at his finest well, you could start here...