In due time I managed to met the woman that was supposed to give the keys for the flat. It was located in one of those chinese neighborhood in the west south side of Brooklyn. At first glance it seemed quite calm even so I had to walk a few minutes to get to the nearest subway station. I didn’t had the time to give a proper shout out to the old lady that I felt asleep immediatly, exhausted by this endless day...

I woke up near 9 PM, always this same annoying alarm. My friend will be there soon and unfortunately, like mine, his flight had some delay... Oh, by the way thanks, to remind me to never take a low cost company ever again, they really suck! Whatever, he finally showed up around 11 PM safe & shit.

 Quickly put his own stuff into the place, we went outside to look for something to sip while exploring our new neighborhood. There is nothing much to see there, a few Deli Groceries here and there, nothing fancy you know. We finally managed to bought some and mostly chilled outside for the first night.



I woke up quite late, around 10. I know, it is not that bad for a second day. Dressed up on the way to Manhattan, no breakfast and only one week to enjoy myself. Needless to say that in order to spend a more than a great day, I dropped by my fav spots in town, started by Lafayette st, it’s good to be back and be able to feel the vibe from it once again. One and half hour later, it was already lunch time, excited to give a try to this classic fast food from downtown Manhattan, I am sure I won't be disappointed.