I’m leaving my hometown pretty soon. I just finished to pack my stuff... At least all I can remember putting in my suitcase... I should definitely take a look at the weather before closing it but instead, I am watching some lame ass TV SHOWS. It has been five years since my last trip. Things may have changed, I changed. This time it will be like a new start. I am not going there for the same reasons that's for sure. There are so many things on my mind... I am glad to leave. It's the perfect time.

I got the seat asked just next to this American couple. The situation could be much better, but I guess it could be worse. The plane is finally leaving in a few minutes & I am just wondering which song which I am going to play first. Perhaps, the sound of silence...

I just landed in JFK. It is late.

However, this day isn’t over yet and while I am contemplating those gigantic tower block, it feels like an open theatrical decor full of lives... I am tired as fuck and it seems that I won't be sleeping for a moment. Long story short, my hostel was closed when I arrived. Despite the fact that I tried to call them several times... I was in Brooklyn with my luggages, exhausted, I didn't know what to do. There was no light, no sound, no nothing.

I was alone, in Brooklyn at 2 AM in the morning. At this point I felt a little bit frustrated then, I took my stuff started to look for the nearest gas station. When I found one I asked if they could point out the closest subway station (direction Manhattan). I needed a place to crash, I couldn’t really spend my first night outside alone... I picked up the phone, called my brother - it was probably 9 AM in Paris - he told me to go to this hostel where he once stayed. Once there, (OF COURSE) no rooms available.  I knew that I could find some other places but I would have to spend more than 80$ just for five hours, it was pointless. 

The apartment rent from Air Bnb was only available at noon, I had to wait for get it in. I walked from Uptown Manhattan to Downtown - it was a long walk from the 103rd to the 72street - I‘ve already started my tourist tour, spending my time on the public streets wishing I’d be steady mobbin’. I stopped by a Starbucks, for a fresh orange juice and continue my exploration.