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One of the main reason I started the Journal is because I was thrilled to discover new things, by any means. It's not only the places I've been able to visited throughout the few years that I started to develop the concept of the magazine otherwise well, there would be a lack of meaning. The People makes this journey more than valuable, without them it wouldn't be complete. I am glad to present a few of them, individuals, creatives in all kind that inspire me and I was lucky enough to interview!



Where to find a good place to spend a good amount of time when you're not at home? A place where you can be at ease, meet your friends, relax while talking about your week, your plans, pretty much everything. Well I didn't found one until recently. PaperBoy, the name is definitely catchy right?  I've been there quite a few times now and it always feels like a good break after a long day of work, mouthwathering meals, fantastic juices, wonderful mood overall... What more could you ask? I spent an afternoon on a sunny Wednesday with James, talking about this great project and the growth of his refreshing ideas. 


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JULIEN AVAKIAN | Jack of all trades

I met Julien when I was working at Carhartt in Paris, at that time he was working at Starcow, I discovered is love for photography after several discussions about travelling. He told me that he used to go to New York a lot so, I was curious to know more about his passion for the big apple mixed with his photography work...


JULIEN REIGNOUX | Les Petites Séries

To be honest I ‘m not always paying attention to the people I freshly met. You shake hands, say hi, smile a little bit. You know..I first heard about Les Petites Séries from someone who always carry with him a little accessory from the brand. So, we wanted to know more about it. We sat down with Julien to chat about his feeling about fashion & aesthetics..



JAMIL GS | Photographer

I stumbled on the work from Jamil four years ago, a short time after my first trip to New York City. I remember that I kept a few pictures from him on a folder on my computer just because I thought that I wouldn’t be able to find them if somehow I lost the link or    even the website cease to be visible...


LUIGDI GAYDU | Cons France Team Manager

doesn’t need no introduction when you are talking about the Parisian skate scene. But hey, since you might be new to this, here’s a small one : For more than 8 years he was living in New York city.  Nowadays Luidgi is working for Converse as the Skate team manager but not only, the list will be too long to do...


Yannick Do | Creative Consultant

On a Tuesday morning I sat down with creative consultant, Yannick Do to talk about his career, previous experiences, beginning in the consulting world & most of all : aspiration for the future..



There are people that you met through your life that will be beneficent to you in many ways. I met Thomas Giorgetti & Christophe Lépine at the opening of their first store rue Saint-Honoré. I wondered what kind of advices I could get from such genuine people.


JAMES OLIVER | Creative Director

One of the very first person I thought I would contact when I booked my ticket for      Tokyo was James Oliver, co-founder of SLAM X HYPE.  I immediately thought it would be more than interesting to discuss with someone who's usually working behind the scene, interview the interviewer.



I discovered the work of Tamaki Niime when I was in New York in 2014 while visiting the Nepenthes store (I was working on the fifth issue). I was very pleased to saw her incredible woven work. I was in touch with her overseas sales manager Miyoko since 2 years...


LAURENCE KEEFE | Adidas Skate Japan    

The last interview I did in Tokyo wasn’t supposed to happen. In fact, it was done exactly 4 days before my departure. Uruma Masanori (Skate Distributor) was the one who introduce me to Laurence. 


CHACE FEDOR | Creative Director

I met Chace through my friend Bao when I visited Rotterdam last Spring. When I told her that I was going to stay in Tokyo three weeks, she instantly thought about him. I reached to him when I returned from Holland...